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ADHD Total-Wellness Support, Whole Person Wellness for Holistic ADHD Symptom Management

Total-Wellness Support

Mind ⇆ Body ⇆ Heart ⇆ Soul ⇆ Energy ⇆ Community

With FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions, you’re not just anybody. You’re part of the family, and we take that seriously.

The secret to our coaching is in building personal relationships - because to us,

this isn’t just a business.


We care about you reaching your goals as much as you do.

  • 1-Month Comprehensive Plan

    An intensive program designed to provide immediate support and strategies for managing ADHD.
    Valid for one month
    • Return Client Session
  • 3-Months Comprehensive Plan

    Including all elements from the 1-month plan, this option provides a deeper engagement.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Return Client Session
  • 6-Months Comprehensive Plan

    Our most comprehensive option. Designed for those committed to making significant, lasting changes.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Return Client Session
  • The Safe and Sound Protocol Package

    A structured plan. Includes initial assessment and 5 listening sessions (follow-up session optional)
    Valid for 3 months
    • (The SSP) Initial Assessment

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Our Services
& Rates

Hours of Operation:

By appointment - All forms of contact will receive a response within 24 hours.


We are on this journey together because in order to thrive, we need to come together. This requires collaboration. Enjoy your new framework model - While there are no promises in health care support, there are guarantees - and ours is to constantly improve ourselves. and always relentlessly advocate.

Cost/Session Reduction:

  • Receive 50% off any coaching session of your choice for each referral who books.

  • Refer your friend to the Safe and Sound Protocol you will both receive $500 off the entire program upon booking. To receive your discounts, please email us at prior to booking.

  • Our company takes up to two sliding-rate clients at a time. To join the waitlist, email:

  • Discounted rates are available. They can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section on our homepage - You may also email, call, or text and ask to see the price list. - Plans and subscriptions are not required, but they do help to further individualize, optimize, and measure your coaching action plan through concrete milestones.

Insurance Inquiries:

We do not take insurance at this time. If you have difficulty paying session fees, there are multiple options you may have to reduce the cost. Explore using pre-tax dollars by paying for sessions using a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account (FSA) through your employer. ADHD Coaching is sometimes considered a "Professional Development Expense" that may be deducted. Speak with your employer and tax advisor/professional to see if you qualify to include our service(s) in your annual medical deductions.

If your doctor recommends dietetic services, weight loss for a specific condition, which can include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, pre-diabetes, arthritis, or almost any other condition, the government may allow you to use funds from your pre-tax accounts such as your FSA or HSA to pay for nutrition education, health coaching and/or Personal Training with tax-free dollars.

You will need to provide us with a letter of medical diagnosis necessity from your doctor, for our records.

You can find more information here.

Please speak with the appropriate providers before making any tax decisions such as a tax professional and your savings and/or flex account providers.

ADHD Coaching & Life Design

Together with your coach, you will design a personalized life plan and then be coached you towards success. By focusing on concrete and measurable personal development goals, you will be supported to find deeper meaning, and greater fulfillment. 


Your first session starts with an in-take meeting. We discuss your intake form and you will be asked to take performance measure self-assessments.


We accommodate -  Often offering extensive opportunities for applied, contextual practice if appropriate, possible, or requested. Our coaches have an extensive educational background about ADHD, and methods of support.


Click here to read more.


Rate: $90 per session (reduced-rate plans are available, and help to individualize your plan).

Duration: 55-minutes

*Discounts available, please inquire.


Young-Adult Family ADHD Coaching

All is not lost. We will re-cultivate the human connection you two share and move steadily towards structure while easing conflict, identifying strengths (theirs and your own), improve executive functioning, emotional regulation, oppositional defiance, rejection sensitivity, self-care, and/or other areas of neglect, school, social and relational status. 


When adolescents, college students, or young adults struggle with ADHD and executive function challenges, it can impact the entire family dynamic. We work with any members of your family who are interested to educate them about ADHD and how individual ADHD traits can manifest in different situations. We use behavioral science and the autonomic nervous system to support our methods, and address sources of frustration, friction, and imbalance in the family. 

We deeply personalize your experience specifically for you with genuine compassion. Your plan will be specifically tailored to the relationship you have with your child/teenager/young adult and their ADHD presentations. 


Click here to read more.


Rate: $100

Duration: 1 hour


Health and Nutrition Coaching

You’ll walk away with clear recommendations based on your intake, conversation, and personal goals — whether that's to increase energy, sleep better, improve digestion, clear up your skin, rediscover your passion, or more. Your Health Coach uses their professional education and experience, behavior change techniques, motivational interviewing, and other modalities to meet you where you are and get you to where you want to be.

Click here to read more.

Rate: $90

Duration: 50-minutes


Dietetic-Nutrition Therapy Counseling & Services

We will be accepting clients for theses services in January 2022.


Emotional/Body Somatic Regulation - Polyvagal, the Safe and Sound Protocol

In clinical studies, the SSP has proven to significantly increase one's ability to emotionally regulate. The SSP enables its listener to move out of their "fight, flight, freeze response," and into a state of "rest and digest," - a time for thriving and not just surviving. 

Click here to read more.

Click here to read some of the supporting studies.



Initial Assessment: $125/55-minutes

Full program: Approximately $1000 total (determine upon assessment)

Duration: 5+ hours (of sessions), plus assessment and check-up.

* Facilitated by an individually approved and professionally certified specialist only.


Somatic Therapy

We will be taking clients for this service in January 2022.

Workshops, Seminars &

Corporate Team Building

Workshops, Seminars &  Corporate Team Building, ADHD Coaching, Rochester, NY Wellness Center Virtual

​In person and virtual team building are undoubtedly among the most critical investments you can make in the men and women who define your business. Using leading innovation to create custom team building programs and events, FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions can increase the performance of your organization in a relaxed, productive, and fun group setting. Yes, fun. We work (and play) with clients to welcome and embrace challenges, solve specific operation problems, prepare for new business pitches, solve ergonomic issues, teach self-care, general and work-place health and fitness, energy conservation skills, and burn out prevention strategies.


Our highly interactive team building programs naturally strengthen team leadership skills, develop stronger collaboration, team cohesion, unity and the support needed to increase the performance of your organization. We reliably provide powerful content, cutting-edge research, and applied theory - Combined all together with expert facilitation. We do all the work.

Team Building is in many ways similar to individual coaching. We primarily work with the entire team together but may also work with the team leader and/or individual team members from time to time as necessary for the mutual benefit of the whole team.

For in-person events, we will travel to your location (optional).

For more information, please contact: 

Healing · Peace ·  Hope ·  Safety


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