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FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions

Proudly established in Rochester, NY.

FLORAMENTE champions wellness and success for everyone, rising against barriers related to socioeconomic status, culture, race, sexuality, or gender. We believe that every single story provides valuable insights, offering personalized support that goes beyond mere appointments.

Our Approach to Enriching Lives

At FLORAMENTE, our biggest strength is our ability to forge deep connections, prioritizing an environment where individuals feel safe to show up authentically. 

Specialized Neuro-Divergent Support

With an educational focus in disabilities across the spectrum and the promotion of Quality of Life metrics, we adopt a comprehensive approach to support a unique. "whole-person" approach that supports the life-enriching needs of each individual.


We prioritize a human-centered approach, offering a discreet and comforting experience.


Our commitment to warmth and discretion highlights our dedication to your journey.

"Believe in your power to create change."
- FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions

Floramente Holistic Solutions

Dig Deeper with FLORAMENTE

In today's world, the way we connect to our bodies, each other, and the Earth is more important than ever. FLORAMENTE was founded on the principle of rediscovering the deep connections that go beyond superficial thinking.

Our primary goal is to nurture the growth needed to engage with life more intentionally, guiding you through the complexities of living in a society marked by division and extreme individualism. FLORAMENTE offers comprehensive tools for professional, personal, purposeful, nutritional, social, and conscious growth.

We recognize and value the interconnectedness that fosters authenticity, creative genius, and wisdom. Our wellness model is dedicated to enhancing your sense of unity with all - in whatever form that resonates within you.

Earth itself holds the most potent tools for transformation.

Our Mission

FLORAMENTE is committed to empowering individuals and families with scientifically backed management and support solutions for ADHD, APD, and ASD.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve and sustain the positive changes you desire in your life.

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