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Virtual ADHD Support

Action-oriented and practical.
Manage symptoms, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals.

We pride ourselves on being the last place individuals and families come to for holistic ADHD/ADD and ASD management.

Success in managing ADHD is a complex journey that often involves acquiring new skills and honing existing ones through strategic thinking. Driven by the desire to effect positive change, our professionals act not just as educators and mentors providing accountability, but as motivators for personal growth and realization.


Beyond providing a space for emotional expression and sharing your story, we engage in stimulating dialogue, reflective practices, and bold inquiries to strengthen your confidence in decision-making. Our methodology is dynamic, with a strong emphasis on increasing quality of life and providing personalized support strategies to foster progress and momentum. 

FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions advocates for taking charge, gaining clarity, and movement towards self-empowerment and success. We are dedicated to unlocking your potential, leading to remarkable achievements and unparalleled success for those we serve.

FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions was rated 2021's Best Life Coach in Rochester, NY!
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An Individualized Approach for Developing Effective Quality of Life Skillsets

Many clients come to us after trying various services without achieving the long-term results they had hoped for. Despite their deep insight, metacognition, and symptom awareness, they find themselves caught in recurring patterns. Recognizing ADHD/ADD and ASD as neurodevelopmental disabilities, rather than mental illnesses, highlights the critical need for specialized services and comprehensive support.


The journey of personal development for individuals with ADHD and ASD often include difficult challenges, often worsened by delayed or inaccurate diagnoses. Women, AFAB individuals, and people of color are especially prone to misdiagnoses, including depression, BPD, OCD, bipolar disorder, etc. Moreover, inadequate support can result in co-morbid conditions, underlining a few possible struggles those with ADHD and executive function deficits may face when ADHD, APD, and ASD are not properly recognized and addressed.


Consider the analogy of someone wearing glasses for the first time: clarity of vision improves, but the ability to read requires education and practice.

We make sure our specialists "get it," you rose obediently through the constant burn-out to try and prove that you were okay. You were thriving - Now, you're feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 


We offer coaching for adults, guardians, and caretakers across all family dynamics.

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