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Award Winning Business, ADHD Life Coaching, Family Intervention and Academic Coaching in Rochester, NY

Young-Adult ADHD
Family Coaching

An empathetic, personal and practical approach with firm accountability and the empowerment to grow.

Young-Adult ADHD
Family Coaching

This service is for parents and caregivers of teenagers and young-adults with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, behavioral difficulties, or other executive function challenges.


Growing up with ADHD can be difficult behaviorally and academically. Balancing emotional ups and downs, socializing with friends, and doing well in school can be challenging at times. Our children need encouragement, support, and guidance. Let’s work together to help turn things around for your teenager.

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Award Winning Business, ADHD Life Coaching, Family Intervention and Academic Coaching in Rochester, NY

Re-connect with your child and build their skills - With compassion.

All is not lost. We deeply personalize your experience specifically for you with genuine compassion. Your plan will be specifically tailored to the relationship you have with your child/teenager/young adult and their ADHD presentations.

When adolescents, college students, or young adults struggle with ADHD and executive function challenges, it can impact the entire family dynamic. We work with any members of your family who are interested to educate them about ADHD and how individual ADHD traits can manifest in different situations. We use behavioral science and the autonomic nervous system to support our methods, and address sources of frustration, friction, and imbalance in the family. ​


We will re-cultivate the human connection you two share and move steadily towards structure while easing conflict, identifying strengths (theirs and your own), improve executive functioning, emotional regulation, oppositional defiance, rejection sensitivity, self-care, and/or other areas of neglect, school, social and relational status. 

This will not be an easy process - We must draw down our swords and let go of resentment and pride; It takes a lot of self-growth on both sides.


With the right communication, you might just be amazed at what such a simple thing can do.


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