Weight Management Program

Performed by a specialist in weight management that is also educated by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (and has managed her own weight loss of 40 pounds for the past decade - Please see my Nutrition service tab for more information).


Did you know that roughly 90% of those who lose weight eventually gain back almost all of it, and that when we lose fat, we store more fat than usual?


This program is for those who find it difficult to control their weight and eating habits or have a difficult time keeping lost weight off. By examining your current eating patterns, cultural ancestry, behavior history, sleep habits, lifestyle, beliefs, memories related to dieting, and personal goals, we will determine the best bio-individual weight management route for you. With this information, we can reveal patterns necessary to achieve well-rounded growth - without counting calories.

From traditional to the modern, Eastern to Western, popular to esoteric, a wide range of dietary theories are in my knowledge bank. With my extensive knowledge, I can help you explore different eating styles, identify your "power" foods, and work with your ever-changing bio-individuality throughout time. You will be educated on the science behind keeping lost weight off and how to integrate it into your lifestyle in a way that works.

The Weight Management Program includes text and email check-in and support messages.

5 Element Theory

90/10 Theory


DNA Diet


Mediterranean Diet

Nourish and Glow Diet

Paleo Diet

Raw Food

Sally Fallon and Weston Price

South Beach


The Zone

.... and more.

Health and Wellness Coach, Life Coach, ADHD

"We are not just hungry for food. We are hungry for love, laughter, community, self-expression, understanding, adventure, and a higher purpose."

- Floramente: Holistic Services

Homemade Elderberry Syrup Ingredients with Added Adaptogens

Plant-Based Food Prep Photo-Slide:

Homemade Cacao Truffles
Homemade Cacao Truffles

Homemade Jackfruit Dip
Homemade Jackfruit Dip

Made 100% from plants!

A Homemade + Nutritious Smoothie Bowl
A Homemade + Nutritious Smoothie Bowl

Homemade Cacao Truffles
Homemade Cacao Truffles