Meet Your Support System

Meet Your Support System

Our approach nourishes a whole-person ecosystem;

Allowing our clients to discover their own strategic choices for supporting ADHD holistically.

Say hello to your interconnected, support system.

Choosing to make life-long progress is as simple as booking an appointment.

Allison ADHD Specialist Director and Founder of FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions



*Not currently taking new clients.

Rehabilitation Counselor ADHD Coach Expert Executive Functioning Whitney FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions Rochester, NY


Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC)


ADHD Performance & Executive Functioning Coach

M.A. Rehabilitation Counseling,

M.A. Fine Arts,

Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) 2012-present.

ADHD Dietician New York State NYS Michael


Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist


Health & Nutrition Educator, and Coach

Masters Degree in Nutrition,

Motivational Interviewing Certified,

8-years of clinical dietitian-nutritionist experience, including medical nutrition therapy.

Rochester, NY ADD LGBTQIA+ LGBTQA+ LGBTQ+ Success Leadership ADHD Performance Executive Functioning Specialist


ADHD Performance & EF Coach,

Cultural Diversity & Spirituality Emphasis,

ADHD Academic Tutor


LGBTQA+ Leadership Mentor

MS.c., Mass Media Management,

M.A., Humanities,

M.T.S., Ministry

BS.c., Psychology -

with a Minor in Life Coaching, published researcher.

FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions ADHD ADD Tutoring Youth College Graduate

Katie Jo


ADHD Academic Tutor 

Masters in Physics,

Masters in Astronomy & Astrophysics,

Highest Distinction and Phi Beta Kappa from Purdue University,

Major in Honors Physics & Mathematics,

with a Minor in Psychology.