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The LGBTQ+ & ADHD Experience

When you have ADHD, and identify as part of the LGBTQA+ community, it can be difficult to find support from someone who can relate through their own personal experiences.

See how we have chosen to fill this missing area of support, below.

What You can Expect

Gain Self-Awareness

Together, we will convert your dreams into simple step-by-step projects that you truly believe you can complete — and put systems in place allowing you to make progress effortlessly — so that you will stop wanting things to be different, stop telling yourself what you cannot have, and instead engage in the process of co-creating your ideal reality.



When you work with me as your coach, you become accountable for progress towards your goals. And unlike a friend or family member, as your coach I will never judge you or give you advice that is in anyone’s best interest other than your own — In fact, instead of telling you what to do, I will work with you to generate insights and solutions that serve your best-interests and respect who you really are.

Communication Strategies

Each client's coaching journey takes a different amount of time, however after you have engaged in a coaching relationship with me, you’ll walk away having gained new strategies to attempt to satisfy the needs and wants of the people who are important in your life (and to you) — without compromising your values. I can also help you develop the emotional intelligence and communication skills needed to find  compatible partners and resolve interpersonal conflicts — both at work and at home.

Judgment-Free Zone

As a community, we face all the same worries, fears, joys, and challenges as everyone else, but for many of us we worry about being judged for who we are or how we live our lives.

My coaching is a "judgment-free zone".

Authentic Gay Leadership

Turn your LGBTQA+ experience into a personal leadership strength.

In fact, there's good reason for you to be successful because research shows that gay executives excel in leadership. (If you want to know more read The G Quotient by Kirk Snyder who shows that the experience of being gay leads to advanced skills in adaptability, intuitive communication and creative problem solving).

Personalized Support

I am your own personal coach.  Say "bye" to mass-programmed framework models & welcome individualized coaching plans tailored to your needs, strengths, and weaknesses. We will review how and where  you are today and your vision for a better life. We will discuss your current challenges, ambitions, and desires. 

Spiritual Inclusion & Freedom

I am uniquely qualified through my academic background, AND personal experiences to address the confusing beliefs around what it means to simultaneously identify as queer and also as a spiritual-being.


I help clients go from overwhelmed to calm, from stressed to success, and from feeling invisible to fostering self-awareness and living comfortably in authentic alignment.


ADHD Coaching gets you on track and keeps you on track. It helps you achieve your goals by breaking down and simplifying all the specific tasks you need to complete first in order to reach those goals. Our professional coaches work with you in a non-judgmental partnership that emphasizes practical tools for time management, planning, organizing, prioritizing, and decision-making systems for effective daily living.

Will Sipling - Exported Headshot.jpeg


Researcher, ADHD Coach,

LGBTQA+ Success, Cultural Diversity & Spirituality Coach

Published media studies, humanities, and psychology researcher, with

8-years of experience in providing organizational leadership development training and professional, work-place skills coaching.


MS.c., Mass Media Management,

M.A., Humanities,

M.T.S., Ministry

BS.c., Psychology -

with a Minor in Life Coaching.

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