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First Thing's First: Getting Started
Initial Appointment:

After scheduling your Strategic Planning Session, your coordinator will meet with you online (via phone or Zoom) to conduct a conversational interview aimed at deepening self-awareness, objective observation, examining beliefs adopted throughout time, and removing any superficiality. After this reflection, a performance assessment is used to further clarify and rank your personal priorities, based on how you relate to various areas in your life.  At the conclusion of the appointment, we will discuss our findings together and move forward to our next step. We may also help connect you to outside community resources that might be useful for your ADHD journey. You will receive a program outline post-session via email within 7 days.
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Building the Foundation:

The framework we utilize after your initial consultation prompts choice of action over distraction. Together, we will develop a system that works for you by filling in over-looked cracks first, thus strengthening your overall foundation, and allowing us to build upon harder challenges as we progress. This is also what makes us different from other ADHD service providers - We wont just gift you a planner, suggest that you utilize phone reminders, and tell you that all you need to do is, "start using the Pomodoro technique".

When you make a commitment to work with us, we help you to actually develop new skills, from the bottom-up. 

No embarrassment, no guilt, no shame - Ever
We Consider All Pieces of the Puzzle:

Our overall aim is to deliver mind-body-soul results. This means we achieve client success by not only increasing personal motivation for change, but also through teaching the importance of the brain-body and brain-gut connection. We make sure to detail how important it is to properly fuel, clean, and rest your engine to achieve optimal brain functioning. This is a vital part of ADHD support that is unfortunately common to overlook, and is why we choose to work with a dietitian that can comprehensively assist in this area by providing ADHD-Specific Nutrition Counseling for NYS Residents, and Health Coaching for all other clientele.
ADHD & the Autonomic Nervous System:

It is common for individuals with ADHD to experience life within a persistent "threat response," also referred to as, "fight, flight, fawn, freeze," or as an unregulated Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). When the ANS is unregulated, it can become difficult for us to fully take control over our lives and prioritize our focus on the development and betterment of new skills.

We make sure to provide a multitude of somatosensory supportive methods, designed to help individuals participate with their intuition, senses, and tangible surroundings more consciously.

Our embodiment methods are backed by Dr. Peter Levine's scientifically proven, Somatic theory, and we are privileged enough to say that we are 1 out of less than 1600 providers of Dr. Stephen Porge's clinically supported, Safe and Sound Protocol, which utilizes Polyvagal Theory (we are actually happy to say that we are a *dually* certified provider).
Use Neuroscience to Tackle the Challenges of Executive Functioning:

Executive functioning skills facilitate the behaviors required to plan and achieve goals. The fundamental skills related to executive function include:

  1. Adaptable thinking
  2. Planning
  3. Self-Monitoring
  4. Self-Control
  5. Working Memory
  6. Time Management
  7. Organization

Finally learn the necessary skills to function better within the context of your daily life. break-down tasks without overwhelm, kick task-paralysis to the curb, gain control over your time management skills, find out how to tackle time-blindness, combat emotional impulsivity and dysregulation, increase your social ability, find job satisfaction, finally manage life-administration tasks, and  stay on top of your priorities. 

To get started, book now.

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