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ADHD (ADD) / Autism Spectrum Disorder,

Neurodevelopmental Disability

Support with Strategy

Our Support Services

We provide our services worldwide using a virtual video platform and membership phone app.

Pay "per-session," choose from one of our discounted packages below, or select a membership plan.


Rates and Discounted Packages:

Individual Session/Pay-Per-Session: $100 for 60-75 minutes.

1-Month Package: $350 for 4-sessions ($50 off).

3-Months Package: $1000 for 12-sessions ($200 off).

*Optional Package Add-Ons*:

Unlimited text-based accountability and support between sessions: +$20 per month.

Genetic Testing: +$312 (includes shipping).

Membership Options and Payment Plans:

Includes text-based accountability and support throughout each week. Receive genetic testing for $50 off* (*optional).

Monthly Payment Plan: $300 per month for 6-months.

4-sessions per month ($600 discount/equates to 6-free sessions).

Annual Membership: $3300 flat-fee.

4-sessions per month for 12-months. Includes unlimited chat support between sessions and intermittent 15-minute video check-ins ($1500+ discount/equates to 15-free sessions).

Discounted Packages & Membership Plans

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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