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Upcoming Workshops

We host a variety of virtual workshops that aim to provide group support and  improve the lives of those struggling with ADHD through skill-building.

Our events are always hands-on and facilitated in small-group settings.

Dinner Party


How to Survive the Holidays with ADHD

Make this holiday season different. Get all of your tasks done in a timely manner with less overwhelm and procrastination.

From organizing Thanksgiving cooking, to buying gifts on time, making time for self-care, putting up and taking down decorations, task-overwhelm, task-initiation, navigating relationships and family dynamics, group support, and more.

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Million Dollar Morning Routine


5 Days,: Monday-Friday.

2.5 hours long (drop-in and out as needed).

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Working from Home


Peak Productivity Group

Optimize your time & energy.

There are 168 hours in a week. How many hours do you spend procrastinating and ending up freaking out the whole time?

A plan you can stick to.

This group program helps add accountability and prioritized productivity in your week through incentive. It entails 2 one-on-one planning sessions, 1 two-hour structured group sessions a week (5 total), and a Facebook Group for between sessions support.

The next cohort starts the week of January 02, 2022.

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