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Comprehensive Whole Health Navigation

Clinical collaboration among coaches and medical providers.


Many primary care clinicians report that they struggle to fit multiple agenda items into their client's appointments due to time constraints. In fact, 50% of patients leave primary care visits not fully understanding what their doctor had told them. This one-on-one approach gives you extra attention and care at your most delicate of times.


The human body is magic; Sleep and wake patterns, diet, exercise, stress management, the way we relate to others, the stability of our microbiome, cultural inheritances, and our values are all interconnected and support our overall health in their profound ways. We take all dimensions into consideration and use that information, combined with our focused education and communication with your physician(s), to weave together your body's level of function from multiple standpoints and bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists between you and your clinician.

“Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”

Self-management support is essential for patients to extend their health care outside the clinic walls and into their real lives. It has been proven that patients have better health outcomes when provided with disease-specific knowledge and skills.


You will receive a hand-typed, personal session report from a multi-credentialed health expert that includes information gathered, science-backed suggestions, resources and literature, along with detailed education and performance coaching regarding your doctor's medical recommendations and/or diagnosis (if applicable). You may decide to use this report as a guide to help communicate your health questions or concerns with your doctor.


We value autonomy and believe that you should always have the ability and option to approach your wellness, your way. As an additional feature of this service, we help you navigate the often complex health system with confidence, and speak up for you when you don't feel heard. We teach you how to advocate for your health and how to knowledgeably communicate about health concerns with your PCP. If applicable, we can also coordinate care and share complimentary holistic methods of support*, tests*, and alternative medicine options* that may be available for you based on your personal information and location**

Price: Starting at $250 (includes a comprehensive report/guide and care coordination)

Duration: 55-minute session and behind-the-scenes collaboration with your providers and our specialists

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* This service is for educational, advocacy, support, and firm accountability purposes only. As a rule of safety, no matter who, what, or where the information comes from, we recommend that you reach out to your primary care physician every single time you decide to start a new supplement, diet, treatment, exercise routine, or form of alternative medicine practice. Although our practitioners have extensive education in nutrition, gut, and hormone health, the mind-body connection and how one can often affect the other, we are not medical doctors and do not claim to be. This service is not intended to treat or cure physical and/or mental illness, and none of the information this service provides constitutes as a formal diagnosis of any health dimension. This service is not an alternative for seeing the appropriate medical physician for your condition - It is to be used as a compliment. All practices, tests, and/or alternative healing methods that may be mentioned during "Comprehensive Mind and Body Health Navigation Support" and/or via its corresponding report(s) are ONLY suggestions based on scientific studies, and/or your personal beliefs, and local community. Only 9% of patients participate in decisions regarding their health, despite the fact that shared decision-making is associated with improved health outcomes. Our suggestions, recommendations, and advice should never be taken as a replacement to physician-prescribed medications and/or treatment plans. No matter the context, never make a decision to suddenly stop taking your physician-prescribed medication(s) without first speaking with your trusted medical provider.


We wish you nothing but comprehensive, and well-rounded wellness and aim to help you navigate the often incredibly complex health system, help you build disease-specific skills, provide emotional support, and firm accountability.