Weight Management

Support your best weight, holistically.

We incorporate all aspects of life that nourish you.

Personalized Plans

We meet you where you are today: Dietary beliefs, preferences, food allergies, cultural inheritance and bio-individuality, developmental disability (if applicable), gender, and budget are never ignored.

One-On-One Support

We bridge the gap between your doctor’s medical recommendations and successfully implementing education, custom diet, mindset, and lifestyle changes by helping you become actively involved in your own healing process, and make your health goals a reality.

Simplified Efficiency

Gain personal insight, identify how to read your body's signals, alternatives to current lifestyle behaviors, learn time saving  tips & tricks, how to simplify and make time for meal preparation, receive recipe ideas (even shopping list ideas), and be coached through the process.

Weight Management

We offer so much comprehensive support in this program that we make joining it a no-brainer.


The best part? It doesn’t take heroic willpower, hour-long sweat sessions, or obsessing over calories. Make the right choices and changes at the right times.

Contrary to popular belief, not all struggles with weight are related to food. When it comes to weight management, we make sure to consider all parts of the puzzle. By investigating your current multidimensional health factors, prior health history, and collaborating with your Primary Care Physician, we we will get the chance to  determine the best bio-individual weight management route for you.  You will be educated on the science behind many lesser known (and commonly known) facts regarding weight management, and how to integrate the new information into your lifestyle. Eating may be simplified with easy meal preparation suggestions that are personalized to your family and budget, and this service does not require you to purchase any supplements in order to join. And finally, this program would not be complete if we didn't prepare you for all types of future barriers and help you develop a plan. So we make sure to include that too. We want you to walk away successfully achieving your goals, using education that will last you a lifetime.

(Collaboration with your Primary Care Physician and/or Epidemiologist is strongly encouraged and recommended as it allows for the most attention to detail).

Program Includes:

· A health history form and client-intake form

· Primary Physician collaboration upon request*

· Two  75-minute sessions (an interview/planning session, and an educational follow-up/strategizing session

· One 45-minute accountability and check-in session

· Three progress reports

· Daily, personal accountability and expert coaching via text and phone app

· Personalized member access to our phone app, which can be used to provide daily updates/meals/exercise input for your Health Coach who will respond with personalized feedback in the form of suggestions and encouragement

· Your app membership will include access to suggested, easy recipes and time-saving shopping lists

· Support between sessions and also for an additional month after your final coaching session about progress - whether it be about strategy, mindset, vision, performance habits, or personal development.

· The clients that have taken part in this program receive all follow-up 1:1 sessions discounted at only $65 (55-minutes/session)

Price: $300/per month

3 Month Subscription: one payment of $850 ($50 in savings)

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