ADHD Virtual Assistance & Advocacy

Get clear on what you enjoy and/or comes easily to you and outsource the rest to us.

No tasks are too little.

You're not lazy. You have a disability - It takes an absurd amount of energy to live the way you have been living.

Get rid of the front work and get straight to action.


Receive individual support with our 'Virtual Assistant and Advocacy' option by bringing your executive function debilitating tasks to our sessions, and you and your coach, Allison will collaborate together to bring it to life.


There really isn't much we can't help with.

We can help you prioritize and organize tasks, explain things in comprehensive language, help with organization, and more. You still have to do the work yourself, but with extra structural support to finally bring your vision to life.

Maybe it's an idea that you've never been able to turn into an actual business plan because you can't stay focused long enough to get it written down. Perhaps you'd like to bring whatever project (large or small) that you're stuck on and work on it in a focused environment, with someone there to help you stay on track, problem-solve your mental blocks with you, and provide encouragement. 

Here are a few ideas and examples of common ADHD issues that may be used as suggestions and starting-off points:

  • Daily morning calls of 5-10 minutes to help you go over your schedule for the day, prioritize tasks, and bounce ideas off one another - with the expectation that you will email your coach a report at the end of the day that includes what you completed and any struggles you faced and might need support with.

  • Make action inevitable with planned meditation, exercise, or walks with your coach as an accountability partner

  • Budget or sensory-friendly meal planning with corresponding shopping lists

  • Food and water nourishment check-ins

  • Individual, one-on-one body-doubling sessions with task prioritization support and assistance with the process (such as with cleaning)

  • "Game-ify" tasks together and/or create "competition," creativity, and fun!

  • Stay on track with deadlines

  • Plan various events in a timely manner

  • Narrow down providers in your area that take your insurance, with a game plan on how to approach the conversation and follow ups that can include how to navigate bad providers, additional testing, and looking for other options

  • Receive a collection of all the information needed to execute a task, such as a list of documents needed to receive your drivers license, and a reminder before your appointment so you don't forget to bring anything. (Imagine receiving a text asking if you have your 3 forms of ID ready)!

  • Receive non judgmental texts to problem solve when something doesn’t quite work out or you need help with decision paralysis

  • Get assistance in receiving disability accommodations, and/or other issues of advocacy

The Possibilities are Endless.

The options for this service are as noted below:

Option 1:

 · A productivity planning phone call every week-day morning for up to 15 minutes each day

 · End of day communication to go over your productivity of the day, problem-solve, and adjust when and where necessary for a better tomorrow 

Rate: $150 a week

(Mondays-Fridays only)

Option 2:

 ·Task accountability partner (for planned, side-by-side meditation, exercise, walks, other routines).

Rate: $40-75

(negotiable, no fixed rate)

Option 3 (Million Dollar Morning):

 ·2-Hour Morning Routine partner (your coach)

* (may take place in a small group-setting, but only with your consent)

Morning routine ritual:

  1. Drink a glass of water

  2. Meditate for 15 minutes

  3. Write down goals using the 5-4-3-2-1 method (with optional sharing)

  4. Journal about the prompt that is provided for the day

  5. Read for 20-minutes

* This morning routine will begin at 5:30am EST and end at 7:30am EST.

** For those in other time-zones, our second morning routine will begin at 8:30am EST and end at 10:30am EST



$110/3-days/sessions ($37/day)

$125/5-days/sessions ($25/day)

(each session runs for approximately 2-hours and only take place on week-days)

Option 4:

 ·1 hour Zoom coaching session a week for individual body-double support that includes assistance with the process of your chosen task and/or utilizing methods to make the task more fun together

Rate: $75/hour

(add only $50 more for every additional hour or session in the same week)

Option 5:​

 ·Reminders and check-ins via email or text throughout the day(s) of your choice

 ·End of day report, re-cap and communication via email or text

Rate: $45/per day​

- There is very limited availability for this service -

To engage in this disability virtual assistance service, please email us here to book.

Be sure to include:

  1. Your first and last name

  2. Your phone number

  3. The best method to contact you

  4. The service option # of your choice

  5. Whether you will be paying via credit card or PayPal

  6. Any other information you feel is necessary and any questions you may have

* Note: If the none of the options above structurally accommodate for what your need(s) requires, please use the same email address link above to explain what it is you need assistance/guidance with and we will collaborate with you to create an appropriate structure.