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Holistic services and resources to help you catch some "zzzzzz's"

Did you know?

Adults who get less than 7 hours of sleep per night on a regular basis are more likely to have diabetes, asthma, or cancer.

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People are their best when they are well-rested. Sleep deprivation causes irritability, an inability to concentrate or stay alert, and a reduction in functioning and problem-solving ability.

The initial interviewing process a utilizes validated assessment, a questionnaire, and sleep logs. Following, you will receive a detailed and individualized sleep profile report that includes best-in-health sleep support guidance, education on sleep hygiene, related scientific studies, and strategies that are used to enhance sleep and improve brain function.


Together, we use the sleep profile report and your memories related to rest to create an action plan which you can execute with the help of one of our health coaches.

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