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· Adult ADHD Coaching:

Our ADHD Services are provided by one of the only adult ADHD Coaches in Rochester, New York with academic education in Occupational Therapy Practitioning- The state licensed field of professionals that specialize in ADHD - Create structure, grow strong in new skills, learn strategies to cope, and navigate life with ADHD alongside the support of a person who understands, because they have been there before too. Address core ADHD issues and learn how to stay focused on your goals, face barriers, address time management, organization, self-esteem, gain clarity and function more effectively overall. Do you have a dream? Let's finally make it happen for you. You deserve it.

Price: Starting at $32 (pricing plans available)

Duration: 55-minutes/session

(Coaching for parents with children who have ADHD, Academic Productivity Coaching, and K-12 & College Disability Accommodation Support also available).

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· 180 Degree Shift/Coaching Intensive:

Create a strategy and build the foundation to gain serious momentum and immediately start making the shifts that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.​ This Coaching Intensive option allows for high achievement with the quickest momentum. It is for the client that has clarity about what they want, is committed to their own success, and is prepared to do what it takes to get it, now.


Packaged plans start at $800

Duration: Organized method varies per plan

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· Health Coaching:

Achieving optimal health is not only about the food on your plate. Our bodies, minds, and intuition all play key roles. Our Health Coaches collaborate with your health physicians in order to provide extra attention to your whole-person health, support key mindset and behavior changes, plus help customize your diet and lifestyle plan to your health goals.

Price: $75

Duration: 55-minutes/session

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· Weight Management Program:

We offer so much comprehensive support in this program that we make joining it a no-brainer. The best part? It doesn’t take heroic willpower, hour-long sweat sessions, or obsessing over calories. Contrary to popular belief, not all struggles with weight are related to food. When it comes to weight management, we make sure to consider all parts of the puzzle. By investigating your current multidimensional health factors, prior health history, and collaborating with your Primary Care Physician, we we will get the chance to  determine the best bio-individual weight management route for you. Plus, due to the experience of our health coaches, you will receive highly knowledgeable support as you explore different eating styles, identify your "power" foods, and work with your ever-changing emotions and bio-individuality. Make the right choices and changes at the right times - With daily accountability and support from our experts in health, you are capable of achieving far more than you may think. Includes personalized member access to our phone app, which can be used to provide daily updates/meals/exercise input for your Health Coach who will respond with personalized feedback in the form of suggestions and encouragement. Your app membership will include access to suggested, easy recipes and time-saving shopping lists.

Program price: $300/month

Reduced price, 3 Month Subscription: one payment of $850

Click here to learn more about our Weight Management Program

· The Polyvagal Protocol (the Safe and Sound Protocol, SSP):

In clinical studies, the SSP has proven to significantly increase one's ability to emotionally regulate. The SSP enables its listener to move out of their "fight, flight, freeze response," and into a state of "rest and digest," - a time for thriving and not just surviving. It is an invitation to give the body the rest and nervous system re-set that it deserves. Distinct from psychotherapy, this program addresses trauma in a neural level without actually "treating it" overtly by re-living it. It enables a healthy foundation for profound growth regarding coaching and mental health therapy. When our body feels safe, we feel safe - And we can learn and process new methods of thinking and being much more efficiently. The protocol has different listening journeys which are dependent on the individual, their initial assessment, and response.

Program price: $1000

With coaching (recommended): $1300

Duration: 5+ hours of the protocol its self, 2+ hours of extra support (spans over the course of a few days).

Facilitated by a certified specialist only.

Click here to learn about the fascinating and revolutionary science behind the Safe and Sound Protocol


· Alignment Coaching:

Do you have the desire to build a life that is in complete alignment with what you deeply yearn but have no idea how to begin the process? Design your own session and create a deep sense of nourishment with this powerful multi-dimensional encounter to connect you back to your purpose and passion for life. This service takes a modern approach to healing, combining ancient & modern techniques for a personalized experience. Knowing the patterns that drive your life allows you to make empowered choices as you move from self-abandonment, into a person who understands the control they have over the change they want to see in their life. When you can lean into your natural genius and dominant energy, you live a life with less resistance -  which allows success to naturally flow towards you (whatever success means to you). Our goal is to provide a safe space filled with profound questioning so that you can make the connections necessary to really get to know yourself. We support you in making choices that you are in alignment with along the way, so that you can develop, deepen, and nurture your connection with life. Learn how to feel confident about your decisions, and finally start acting like the goal-getter you are deep down. Once you have awakened and aligned your soul, you will find wisdom and power where there once was confusion and pain. We give you our full attention because we wish you depth and wellness, always.

Price: Starts at $100/session

Reduced price program plans available

Duration: Varies

Click here to learn more about 'Alignment' Coaching


· Comprehensive Whole-Health Navigation:

Bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists between you and your clinicians. This one-on-one approach gives you extra attention and care at your most delicate of times and serves as a comprehensive resource and guide for wellness. Many primary care clinicians report that they struggle to fit multiple agenda items into their client's appointments due to time constraints. In fact, a whopping 50% of patients report that they leave primary care visits not fully understanding what their doctor had told them. Self-management support is essential for patients to extend their health care outside the clinic walls and into their real lives. It has been proven that patients have better health outcomes when provided with disease-specific knowledge and skills. We weave together your body and mind's level of function from multiple standpoints and bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists between you and your clinician so that you can take confident control over your health and wellness amongst all its facets. This service provides extremely comprehensive education and multiple realms of support methods - We recommend visiting the official service page to read more about all of the support that we include. Why do we offer such a full-rounded service that requires so much work from us? - We offer this service because we value you and we value autonomy. We believe that you should always have the ability and option to approach your wellness, your way. Studies prove that if more services like this existed, people would have the education necessary to take real control over their health. "Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”

Price: $245, includes a comprehensive report/guide and care coordination

Duration: Varies

(To be used as an add-on with our health coaching service)

Click here to learn more about Our Comprehensive Whole-Health Navigation Support

· Sleep Support:

Are you looking to dive in deep in order to increase brain function, your energy and sleep quality? Collect all of the details necessary to piece the puzzle together through our one-one-one support that is focused upon you and includes behind-the-scenes collaboration with your Primary Care Physician and other practitioners if applicable.


Price: Starting at $150

Duration: Varies

(To be used as an add-on with our health coaching service)

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Total-Body Microbiome/Gut Cleanse:

A group program with 1:1 and health coaching coming soon.


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