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 A productivity hack to help you or your loved one stay on task.

Activate Your Mirror Neurons!

Executive functioning deficits can make brain activation more difficult for individuals with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Mundane tasks like laundry and paying bills are repeatedly pushed to the side until we have “time” to do it — which typically, only end up becoming once you need to rush around last minute — because laundry and bills are boring.



Body-doubling is a game-changer for ADHD.

There is research to support this, involving what are called “mirror neurons."

Having another person or persons there helps us to set goals and activate our brains for work — and there is built-in accountability because we can see what the others are doing — Or not doing as the case may be.

Each individual does their own thing. You can ask for advice as needed or mute yourself if there is noise in the background. There is no need to talk while your work unless you want.


Participating in body-double sessions with our community forces you to make it an appointment; a commitment. After a few consistent body-double sessions, you will have established a routine for getting stuff done. In this clever way, once you have become productive - It will be more difficult to turn back.

When we have support, we typically experience less trouble getting started. When someone is with us, we naturally tend to settle into the activity faster - thus completing it faster - which influences us to produce higher-quality work and become more productive overall.


Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat

9am-5pm EST

*outside hours may be accommodated with advanced notice*

$40 per hour

Email: to join.

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