Joseph Cameron, ADHD Inclusive, Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, Rochester, NY, Tulum, Mexico

Fitness Coaching

The Tough Love Method is $450, paid monthly on a 30 day subscription or $150 per week. You can cancel at any time prior to the next payment date. If you choose to cancel please send a text or email outlining your wish.

Meet your Personal Fitness Coach, Joseph.

'No BS Accountability'

Rooted in building a strength, conditioning and building a self-care routine as the cornerstone, the program utilizes 4 sustainable phases of change:

1.) Habit Change, Education & Lifestyle Correction
2.) Habit Stacking & The Principles of Strength Training
3.) You V.S. You / Self Challenge
4.) Accountability, Consistency, Confidence & Future Application

Interpersonal Tracking & Assessments:

Our physical assessments & 1-on-1 coaching calls are in depth and take place every 6 weeks. We are HIGHLY goal oriented and provide in depth insights into body composition, active recovery, biohacking & lean muscle strategies. Our personalized reports and corrective exercise regimes are based on kinetic chain dysfunction - if applicable. We track strength endurance metrics through a physical challenge monthly and focus on a you VS you, personal template approach to keep you challenging yourself.

Equipment/Traveling & Access To Gyms:

If all you have is a cat, a chair and a window - we’ve got you. All workouts are built with your environment in mind - and can be altered with enough notice. Please allow for 1 week of notice for travelling to give our team time to adjust. This includes access to and equipment available. Our suggested equipment list can be found in your coaching section with links. Please indicate on the form whether or not you intend to purchase.

The Workouts:

All programs are designed to spec, based on your lifestyle, mindset & physical goals. We focus on functional strength, mobility and HIIT and aim to tone & build lean muscle. All are approachable, based on your available time and delivered via our app, with links to video tutorials at a time and day you commit to.

Live Coaching & The Texts/Whatsapp/Email (outside USA):

During your coaching call you will be required to commit to days you’ll workout and a time to workout daily. You will be held accountable for 30 days at a time to your decision. Choose wisely ;) Every Sunday night at 5pm, you receive a text with the next week’s workout. You’ll also receive a daily, morning reminder prior to the workout, along with reminders from your app. Which means NO EXCUSES BABY! We have a live coach on the other end of every text if you need anything at all. We’ll also send you texts with Habit/Routine Building Tools, Recovery Techniques, Check-Ins, Tips and weekly Inspiration.

The Proof:

The Tough Love method is simple: Get The Text/Whatsapp/Email. Workout. Send Proof. We call it ‘No BS Accountability’— but to you, it’s the difference between reaching your goals and donating to charity. You'll choose a charity and set an amount you can't afford to lose, if you send a post workout pic and add your results within the timeframe you’ve committed to or before (love overachievers) - you're golden. If you don’t - you donate that money to charity and send me proof via receipt. If you fail to follow through with the donation, it indicates that you are not serious and we will part ways at the end of your current subscription.

Dietary Strategy:

We don’t offer crash diets, food lists or recipes. We offer strategy based on a conscious understanding of habits and lifestyle choices. Everyone is different and behavior change requires an understanding of your current relationship to food and ability to build keystone habits. This means we start with a food diary to become aware and we get to know you - and we build intuitively in conjunction with your goals and abilities.


The program is $150 a week or $450, paid monthly on a 30 day subscription. You can cancel at any time prior to the next payment date. If you choose to cancel please send a text or email outlining your wish.

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