What FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions Nutrition, Health and Wellness System Looks Like:

Unfortunately in today's world, it seems common to be unwell. In fact, it has almost become a conversational joke to feel exhausted or to have trouble sleeping because it is something many can relate to. But it is not a joke. It is important to listen to the signals and symptoms from your body telling you that it is in poor condition before it becomes too late.

There is no reason to wait until you have been diagnosed with an illness when you can catch health decline before it becomes a serious problem. You deserve more than “average," and you deserve someone who actually listens to all areas of your health concerns.


Achieving optimal health is not only about the food on your plate. To be healthy is to care for the whole person. At Floramente, nutrition is paired with health and wellness coaching. Transform into well-rounded health and wellness with nutrition education, and firm accountability of emotional, physical, relational, life management, and daily life activities.

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Cashew Arugala Cream Sauce with Homemade Plant-Based "Parmesan" Cheeze

Plant Based Meal

Together we will look at:

  • Types of food and how to discover the foods that our body responds well to

  • Eating routine, what time of day, and how much?

  • Ancestral foods

  • Spices & science-backed herbal studies

  • Additional dietary theories and functional/integrative nutrition

  • Your bio-individuality

  • A comprehensive lifestyle analysis that includes: Emotional wellness, your personal goals, thoughts and memories related to dieting, sleep habits, currently diet, stress management, relationship, and communication status, a deep dive look at daily habits and routines


** Upon your request, this service can include working with your primary physician as a multidisciplinary team (strongly recommended!)

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos-

the trees, the clouds, everything.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Psycho(mind)-Somatic(body) Work

(Can all be done virtually!)


This theory of coaching is used in conjunction with all of our other services if specified on your client intake form with no extra fee (can be updated at any time) and combines the creativity, talent, and wisdom that you already have with Somatic and Polyvagal methodologies. Psychosomatics take a deep-dive look at the sensations stored in your body and their production through unconscious body language. It is mentally introspective and is currently not often offered due to its scientific advancement. It is a highly effective methodology, the Somatic Method is based on the most advanced discoveries in brain research along with Eastern philosophies. It works simultaneously with one's cognitive capacity and physical patterns for lasting resolutions in a short period of time.​

We are plugged into a faux matrix of technology, materialism, pride, and false identities. The fantasy is addictive, and regardless of the malnutrition, we continue to commit infidelity against our true, authentic self, chasing the mirage of our culture — a sick, dying, busy culture... And our body keeps score of this.

What are you on Earth for? Do you ask yourself that question? Do you set aside time to reflect on your life’s journey up to this point? Are you actively aspiring to a fresh and better outcome and ascending on a logical pathway to get there? – Or are you stuck in survival mode with pain, bitterness, resentment, abandonment, and discouragement?

We must learn to lean into our authenticity and empower our intuitive prowess. Once we can identify the feelings in our body to their emotional sources, we can hone into our intuition and authentic self. Our bodies hold inherent wisdom, but as mentioned earlier, the body keeps score – We must unlearn what we have absorbed through time. We must take time to listen to what our bodies tell us.

Together we work to gain introspective insight, improve your relationships, learn new communication techniques, embrace confidence, work towards your health goals, and overall happiness.


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