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The number of adults being diagnosed with ADHD and Executive Function weaknesses that negatively affect their everyday performance is growing 4 times faster than the number of children currently being diagnosed with ADHD. The number of undiagnosed adults showing ADHD and Executive Dysfunction symptoms in and out of the workplace is also multiplying exponentially.

No two people are the same, therefore we can not expect all people to work the same. You have strengths and talents that are waiting to be discovered. Learn how to enhance the way your brain already works, instead of how to work against it.

ADHD and Executive Dysfunction symptoms are manageable. Don't let them get in the way of your happiness.

Allison of FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions is one of the only certified coaches specializing in adult ADHD coaching within the Rochester, NY, and Upstate area with education in Occupational Therapy Practitioning.

Your future is waiting. You are one step away from  living in a world of achievement.


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FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions was rated 2021's Best Life Coach in Rochester, NY!


Many of my clients have participated in various traditional forms of services, but never truly received the long-term results they had hoped for. Despite their high level of insight, they somehow still found themselves stuck in the same patterns. ADHD is not a mental illness. It is a developmental disability, and it should be supported as such.

Too many adults have been struggling for far too long before finally discovering they had undiagnosed ADHD. Oftentimes, women, AFAB, and POC are misdiagnosed with anxiety, depression, BPD, OCD, or bipolar disorder. Sometimes, it is actually a combination of multiple disorders, and sometimes the diagnosis was actually caused because of the untreated ADHD. Regardless, it is so often that ADHD is missed. If you do happen to be fortunate enough to receive a correct diagnosis, a correct diagnosis is just the beginning. It is common to be prescribed medication and referred to someone that doesn't truly understand the nature of ADHD, or worse - you're left to figure the rest out on your own. 


Let's get this straight, medication can help, and often, it provides clarity to the world of chaos that is the ADHD mind. But there's one factor that people tend to forget. ADHD medication works similar to a person who has just put on glasses for the very first time. The world may look clearer, but if they never learned how to read, they will not automatically know how to. For those with ADHD and executive function symptoms, it works very similarly. If left untreated until adulthood, this can cause a person many hardships, and it can often leave them feeling very misunderstood.

ADHD Coaching Can Help


For most of our lives, we were trying to appear neurotypical. We masked, we overcompensated, and we rose through the constant burn-out to try and show that on the outside - we were okay. We were successful, we were thriving, we were getting by just fine... But inside, we were exhausted and we felt broken.​


I know exactly how important it is for you to feel validated, seen, heard, and understood. I know this because I too have been diagnosed with ADHD.


Drawing on my expertise, my coaching style aims to improve the overall person: Emotions, energy levels, physical health, environmental, social wellness, relationships, parenting, organization skills, coping strategies, work, and school life. We do this by cultivating change through a neurodivergent perspective. I have a comprehensive approach, emphasizing that each of my clients is an individual. I work with unique characteristics, not against them, and I highlight these differences - finding ways to use them to your advantage. Therefore behavior change is sustainable.

Hiring a good ADHD Coach may be the first step towards a better quality of life - It can help clients strategically address just about any life goal. This may include academic success, finding an enjoyable job, finding and creating new opportunities, getting more organized, completing a big project, planning an event, building a routine, make tough choices that are true to you, and finally achieve overall wellness.


Our methods are trauma-informed, personalized, and supportive. We accommodate - Often offering various methods of coaching, and extensive opportunities for applied, contextual practice.

Included with our coaching is a phone app.


Our Members Only app provides access to 5-7 minute daily activities that are geared to help you build a better relationship with ADHD. Our activities include challenges, discounted or free events, build new habits, and change misconceptions and unhelpful thinking that may be holding you back.



Our approach is fairly straight-forward.


Help foster self-awareness in our client, identify barriers, where they want to go, determine a plan of action to get there, and keep them on track by measuring progress on a consistent basis.

During our sessions, we identify and clarify your unique, deeply-embedded purpose. Then we work on obstacles or issues that may be holding you back from attaining it.


Each client's planning process typically works in five phases, reflection, perspective, strategic planning, progress, upkeep/maintenance. Through assessment and interviewing, we will build a foundation for prioritization - Then we pinpoint your dreams and develop personalized strategies to reach them.

Plans are always individualized, include concrete goals, measurable milestones, and an actionable plan with strategic steps.


At any time, you may choose to further individualize your Life-Plan by booking with our ADHD inclusive Certified Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer or with our Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist for Nutrition Education and Health Coaching. We then collaborate behind the scenes to seamlessly incorporate these attributes to your rituals, routines, and overall life-goals.

Every time we reach a milestone, we collaborate and discuss whether we are making and seeing progress, make sure we are still hitting the mark, celebrate, and continue heading in the right direction.


  • Overcoming your inner critic and rejection sensitivity dysphoria

  • Planning & prioritizing

  • Putting plans into action, task initiation

  • Goal-directed persistence

  • Taking actions that align with your physical & emotional needs

  • Learning new strategies to manage executive functioning

  • Navigating neurodivergent relationships

  • Self-regulation & interoceptive-awareness

  • Emotional impulsivity

  • Communication strategies

  • Physical health and wellness

  • Any aspect of the "9 Areas of Wellness"