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At-Home Genetic Testing & Analysis Report

Reveal the Scientifically Accurate Blue Print of Your Body. 

Personalized Health Recommendations Based on Your DNA

Holistic ADHD Genetic Testing Rochester, NY

Discover Your Missing Piece for Optimal Health & Cognitive Function.

It's not new information that the modern medical health model typically focuses heavily on fixing problems, not preventing them - Everybody’s body is different and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.


We utilize a team of passionate geneticists, doctors, pharmacists, and biologists to provide our clients (worldwide) with cutting-edge genetic testing and research. DNA testing promotes personalized health as it takes into account your genetic predispositions & current health (using *labs) to address problems before they come up. The DNA Kit is simple and non-invasive.

Our genes influence many of our health outcomes - From our ability to absorb nutrients to our susceptibility to degenerative diseases. If generic strategies have yet to uncover your health issues, this service sequences over 700,000 variants. Identify your genetic risks, and provide the insight required to form scientifically personalized data analysis reports (which we custom create per client).

Natural Nutrition ADHD Genetic Testing Rochester, NY

Align Your Health Hacks With Your Genes

Price: $300 (standard rate $400+)

+ $12 for shipping within the US (shipping varies worldwide)


• DNA KIT (with instructions and return-label)

• Personalized and comprehensive data analysis reports

ADHD DNA Test Rochester, NY
Lab testing for ADHD Rochester, NY

Personalized Data Analysis Reports

Our custom-made data analysis reports include your genetic risks, prioritized recommendations, personal genetic break-down and education, evidence-based and scientifically supported research, useful strategies, tips, and techniques with instructions, predisposition for low moods, gene-related vitamin deficiencies, the type of diet your genes respond well with (useful for wellness, gut concerns, and if you experience difficulties with your weight), personalized supplement recommendations with dosage suggestions, ways to optimize your daily regimen and routine, and more.

Once you have received your reports, you may choose to work with us to take your health recommendations and turn them into a regimen. If you have ADHD, the approach we take for your personalized regimen will be reflected in order to promote quicker, more optimal results. Throughout your time with us, you have the ability to track progress and make changes based on what is working for you.

Here are the topics that you can find covered within your personalized DNA analysis report: Acid Reflux, Acne, Allergies, Anxiety, Asthma, Sustained Attention and Focus, Back Pain, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, bone Health, Brain Fog, Cholesterol, Chronic Fatigue Chronic Pain, Eczema, Female Fertility, Gallstones, Gout, Gum Disease, Gut Inflammation, H. Pylori, Headache, Heart Health, Inflammation, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel, Joint Inflammation, Joint Pain, Kidney, Health, Kidney Stones, Migraines, Mood, Mood Swings, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Overactive Thyroid, PCOS, Peptic Ulcers, Psoriasis, PTSD, Sexual Dysfunction, Stress, Tinnitus, Underactive Thyroid, Urinary Tract Infections, Varicose Veins, Weight. *Contact us to hear about additional testing options (additional fees may apply).

How to Get Started

Use our confidential contact form found at the bottom of this page, to purchase your Genetic Testing Kit. Please include your name, email address, and delivery address.

Please allow up to a week and a half for your order to process. Once the kit has shipped, you will receive email confirmation - Within the US, shipping usually takes 2-3 business days. Outside of the U.S., allow for about two weeks for shipping.

Upon receiving your test kit, follow the simple instructions that are included. Register your collection tube online, box it back up and sent it back! You will be updated once your results are sequenced and populated, and you will receive your custom reports within 1-2 weeks.

Privacy Concerns: Unlike many other companies, we are very focused on privacy, and transparency. Neither we nor our testing center will ever sell your data. In fact, we will even let you use a pseudonym if identifying information is a cause of concern for you - Please note that if at any time you would like to have your data completely deleted from the database, we will honor that request.

This service utilizes many scientists whom “sequence” data to find out genetic information contained within a particular segment of DNA, including changes in a gene and predispositions that could cause diseases.

Please email us if you are looking to receive a report that is not listed or if you are interested in hearing about our other available testing options/add-ons that have not been included on this page - Including testing genetic predisposition for Autoimmune Disease and more.

*Note: DNA Kits are available for all states within the USA. All other lab testing options are not available to those in the states of NY, NJ, and RI. No part of these services is available to individuals under the age of 18.




Due to the systematic barriers of genetic testing, it is unlikely (but still possible), that your insurance may cover the cost of genetic testing. Your HSA or FSA may be able to cover the cost of your genetic testing, but you will need a letter of medical necessity. If needed, we can provide you with a form for your Physician to fill out.


Order Your Testing Kit

Order your kit with our confidential form below - You will receive a response shortly.

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To put it concisely: FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions and all third parties do not recognize, advertise, or promote that this test is a diagnostic tool. Lab test services are offered for wellness monitoring purposes only. The tests listed in or on this website are NOT intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease. FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions gives no warranty that any lab test will prevent disease.

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