Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you mean by "ADHD Wellness Center":

We mean comprehensive care with meaningful results. We unlock the value of your health investments by creating conditions that allow you to take back control - and start making real, healthy lifestyle changes and choices towards your goals. 


Our vision is to eliminate uncertainty by assisting ADHD individuals in navigating their health. Each client's journey uses behavior-based science and personalization. We utilize your health intake form, pointed expertise from our other specialists, and information from your primary care physician and other providers (when appropriate and always in compliance).

Wellness is a balance of living within our system of values, regular physical exercise, a healthy diet, a positive mental approach, social conditions, and healthy achievement. The decision to improve our wellness can be made at any age and stage of life. 

What is a Performance Coach and how can one help me?

An educated professional that helps you achieve and maintain optimal performance despite the struggles and challenges throughout life.

The foundation of FLORAMENTE's coaching has long existed and unconsciously practiced for years by emotional and spiritual identifying individuals who have the natural, innate ability to connect with those around them. Our coaches trust, respect, and believe in the potential of others, and take time to listen to, challenge, and support them to choose to be the best they can be. There is depth beyond the surface in the way we take on coaching, and our clients tend to share these values and identify similarly. The truth is, everyone can benefit from having a personal coach -


Many of us already know what it is that we are required to do to thrive, yet we don't necessarily do it. When we decide to make a big step in a positive direction (whether it's initiating an exercise routine, learning a new skill, finishing an old project, or turning a new leaf in a relationship) we start out well - sometimes even great - but soon we often find ourselves self-sabotaging, getting overwhelmed, falling off the wagon and even giving up altogether. Like with everything else in life, making our efforts turn to success is a systematic process that requires knowledge, skill, and mastery. It takes collaboration to finish the masterpiece - and that is okay.

It is true, however, that we often get generous support from friends and family - yet what tends to happen is surprising. The closest people to us can also end up unknowingly sabotaging our success through a subconscious drive to over-protect us; Not to mention the self-sabotage that can sometimes come from our own subconscious mind.

Gathering the right information, knowing what to do, how and when to do it, isn't always easy - We are already bombarded with a ton of contradictory information regarding what is good for our health - and even when we do have the right information - we don't always do what we are supposed to. Following through is often a question of accountability and a lack of proper planning. Life is already demanding as it is, and we are often spread too thin. No wonder our new resolutions fall through before we even begin to see any results. Our coaches are educated in creating individualized, researched-based plans, and have successfully coached hundreds of individuals that way,

Having an educated professional to keep you supported, scientifically informed, and accountable makes a complete difference when it comes to reaching your goals and achieving optimal performance.

How is coaching different from therapy?:

Coaching is a process of self-discovery and thought expansion to achieve the goals of your future. It is set apart from therapy by the way the goals of a client are approached. Coaches utilize their expertise of modalities and tools to help you optimize your performance in daily life through a process of self-discovery of what exists in the present. It is different from traditional talk therapy because coaching is future-oriented. Therapy is designed to treat mental illness. None of our coaches claim to treat mental illness - We prevent it by helping you make present-day decisions that are in alignment with yourself and help you cope for the future by maintaining healthy habits, building daily rituals, providing scientific education, strategic planning, and a support team. 

Should I see a coach or a therapist?

The answer to this question all depends on where you are currently in life (and your personal goals). Coaching is not often the best route for those who have not addressed their significant psychological illness(es). Psychological Illness can impede one's ability to take action - We will not take/continue to take clients that we determine would be more appropriately helped by a different profession. In addition, there are many types of therapists; for example, seeing our Personal Trainer is not a replacement for say, seeing a Physical Therapist.

Do I have to have ADHD to use your services?

Absolutely not! Our team has some extra knowledge within the realm of neurodiversity - which actually ends up being quite beneficial in coaching everyone! We are all different, so it is important to find a coach that can easily adapt to all individualistic traits and lifestyles.

What is ADHD Coaching and How is it Beneficial?

Many people with ADHD lack organizational skills, often lose things, struggle with Executive Function tasks such as time management, prioritizing, planning, persisting at tasks, sustaining motivation towards goals, and keeping a daily routine. ADHD Coaches tackle these and similar life management, productivity, habit building, and matters of efficiency.

Interoception is also affected for some individuals with ADHD, our Health Coaches can help you come up with methods to remember when to eat and drink, what to eat, how to gain weight, and other health and nutritional issues.

What do ADHD Coaches Do?

ADHD Coaches work with clients to create structures, support, skills, and strategies. Coaching assists clients with ADHD to stay focused on their goals, face obstacles, address core ADHD-related issues like task-initiation, organization, other executive functions, self-esteem, gain clarity, and function more effectively overall.

How did ADHD Coaching Start?

The idea of ADHD Coaching was first brought up in 1995. The article, "Coaching: An Adjunct to the Treatment of ADHD," was based on Dr. Hallowell's clinical experience as a psychiatrist working with patients with ADHD. Dr. Hallowell was inspired by the frustration of his inability to provide the more intensive support that was often necessary to help his patients manage the challenges and complications of daily life. "While most of these patients want to succeed, their symptoms keep tripping them up," noted Dr. Hallowell. "Their problems lie not so much in assessing what they would do, but as in following through. Most individuals with ADHD can tell you what they would like to do, their problem lies in doing it." ADHD Coaching fills a serious "gap" in wellness. This is where a trained coach works to skills train, assist, provide guidance, support, accountability, and supplement treatment.

How do I Get Started?

We understand that making a big change can be intimidating and sometimes even scary - We also know that lists may help organize the ADHD brain - We try to make getting started simple:

Step 1: Click the button that says, "Book Now" and select the service you want to book, next find a say that works for you, select the time, and plan (if any).

Step 2: Pay by credit card or choose a payment plan to save your spot! Note: If you would like to pay through PayPal, please email or text us at

Step 3: You will be sent an invoice by email. This email will include the Zoom link to your session. At the time of your appointment, a click on that link will connect you to your coach!

Step 4: You will be sent a Coaching Agreement Form. Please sign this before your appointment.

Step 5: Click on the Zoom link during the time of your appointment.

Step 6: You will receive check-in support in between sessions, typically by email or text. You may also reach out to me at any point(s) in between sessions. Phone call support is also permissible as long as they are under 10 minutes. You will find more information on this in the Coaching Agreement form.

How Long Are Sessions?

Coaching sessions are generally 55-minutes long - Some services are longer. You can find the length of each service on the "Service List & Prices" page. We offer 30-minute add-ons for our coaching sessions at $32.

How Often Should I Receive Coaching?

How often we recommend you see your coach is dependent on the service. Typically, our clients choose to see their coach at least 1-2 times a week for 3 to 6 months. Although it is not necessary, purchasing a payment plan that includes multiple sessions improves the overall quality of coaching because it allows for optimal program planning and management of our time. It is truly the most beneficial for building and transferring skills, as well as setting and attaining goals. It also helps to keep your motivation high!

What Are "Virtual Sessions"?:

We provide sessions via Zoom, WhatsApp, by phone (without video), by text, and by email.

We also offer some hybrid options available in Rochester, NY, Kings Highway, NY, San José, Costa Rica, and Tulum Mexico  (in-person services). Please 

Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance at this time. However, you may have multiple options to reduce the cost. Explore using pre-tax dollars by paying for sessions using a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account (FSA) through your employer. Sometimes ADHD Coaching is considered a 'professional development service that can be deducted. Speak with your tax advisor/professional to see if you qualify to include our service(s) in your annual medical deductions.

If your doctor recommends weight loss for a specific condition, which can include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, pre-diabetes, arthritis, or almost any other condition, the government may allow you to use funds from your pre-tax accounts such as your FSA or HSA to pay for nutrition education, health coaching and/or Personal Training with tax-free dollars.

You will need to provide us with a letter of medical diagnosis necessity from your doctor, for our records.

You can find more information here.

* Please speak with the appropriate providers before making any tax decisions such as a tax professional and your savings and/or flex account providers.

What is Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)?:

Professionals have the option to become Certified in Trauma-Informed Care if they so choose. This involves education and examination before becoming certified. Trauma-Informed Care is a framework, a mindset, a way of looking at the human experience. The intention of Trauma-Informed Care is not to treat symptoms or issues related to any form of trauma but rather to provide support services in a way that is accessible and appropriate to those who may have experienced trauma. TIC assumes that an individual is more likely than not to have a history of trauma. ​TIC coaches will be able to listen out for the signs and symptoms that may be part of an internal trauma system, both in the client and in themselves. TIC is not working with clients who require the high level of care offered by a psychiatrist. Trauma-Informed Care recognizes the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledges the role trauma may play in an individual’s life. They have creative approaches for accessing autobiographical information from their clients without any aim to be diagnosticians.


* More information here:

What is Mental Health First Aid?:

Mental Health First Aid is a national skills-based training program that teaches the skills on how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. At this time only doctors can diagnose mental illness. MHFA can suspect diagnoses, and therefore will refer you to the correct professional, but we do not clinically diagnose, or treat mental illness. And don't worry, this by no means mean sharing your private information with others. The information from our sessions is always private unless otherwise made permissible by you. Together, we can go over if you would like to become formally diagnosed by a doctor of psychiatry - as that is something that usually stays on your health record forever - or if you would prefer to work through mental illness with a psychotherapist instead.

My Question Hasn't Been Answered, How Can I Contact You?

We offer numerous methods of reaching out. Choose what is easiest and least stressful for you:


Call/text: 585-210-0070

Or click here.

Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Informed ADHD Coaching and Holistic Wellness Center
Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Informed ADHD Coaching and Holistic Wellness Center