A holistic implementation of one of the most recent findings in medical research: Somatic Psychology. During your initial consultation, we will connect with one another, help you grow comfortable, discuss your life, current goals, barriers, health, and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you, and if I am the right fit. Nothing is off-topic. The utilization of various assessments may be included upon permission. Together we will develop a long-term plan and a plan of action. Your lifestyle will continuously be considered to be sure that you are being provided the most effective experience possible, and will be adjusted as needed. This session dynamic is especially valuable if you are feeling out of balance or setback yet unsure how to fix it. This overview session is completely optional but is recommended to achieve whole wellness. We can "dive right in," if preferred.

What is the Somatic Methodology?:

A highly effective methodology, somatic thinking is based on the most advanced discoveries in brain research along with Eastern philosophies. It works simultaneously with one's cognitive capacity and physical patterns for lasting resolutions in a short period of time.​  This style of coaching is used in conjunction with all of our services and combines the creativity, talent, and wisdom that you already have inherently - You're just not tapped into it yet. We are often unaware of the things holding us back. Somatics takes a deep-dive look at the sensations stored in your body and its production through unconscious body language. It is mentally introspective and is truthfully not something many coaches currently provide due to its scientific advancement. Together we will work to improve your relationships, gain introspective insight, learn new communication techniques, embrace confidence, work towards your health goals, and overall happiness.

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