Meet Your Coach

I am Allison. The creator of FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions.
My Approach:
When it comes to how I practice, I know that my unique gift is the ability to profoundly connect with others and create an environment where anyone can feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable. My undivided attention, genuine care, and authenticity create a safe/brave space for my clients to just BE during their journey.

ADHD and developmental disorders are near and dear to my heart. I chose to receive education in the scope of Occupational Therapy because I saw a “gap” in healthcare. Those with developmental and intellectual disorders are lacking in support and it breaks my heart! They are so often misunderstood, especially adults. And I am one of them.

I have found that each person with ADHD is different, therefore we can not expect support to look the same for everyone. The key for me was to work with my ADHD brain, not against it. Now let's do the same for you.
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Thanks for being here. I hope I have the privilege of working with you. 

At this moment I am finishing up my college education to become an Occupational Therapy practitioner. My primary focus of specialization is developmental disabilities such as ADHD, intellectual disabilities, and mental health. I have two internships until I graduate.

I am a Somatic Thinking Coach Practitioner. Somatic Thinking is based on one of the latest discoveries in the field of mental, emotional awareness, physical perception, along with Eastern philosophies that focus on holistic human development.  I learned from and have been mentored directly with founder Samer Hassen, MCC - Master Certified Coach, which is the highest coaching credential in the world.

I am a graduate of the college accredited Institute of Integrative Nutrition (known for being the #1 holistic nutrition program licensed by the New York Department of Education). In Fact, IIN's board directors include renowned doctors such as Barry Sears and Andrew Weil.

I am currently on the path to become board certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners.

I have a specialization in 
weight management with Emory University.

Lastly, I am a fully trained and certified Mental Health First Aider. If a mental illness diagnosis is suspected, I will refer you to the psychotherapist, Laury Naron, with whom I collaborate and work alongside with.

My education and skills training has been strategically selected in order to facilitate a whole-person model which equips me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge including holistic health solutions, prevention, and nutrition. I have been and continue to be taught by the most transformational professionals in their fields.
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