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The Bodyfulness Perspective

Body-based neural re-patterning through the lens of Somatic and Polyvagal theory.


The Polyvagal Protocol

(Safe and Sound Protocol)

This clinically proven method significantly reduces stress and soothes the autonomic nervous system, so that you can engage with the world more effortlessly.


Adult clients and parents of ADHD children often complain that they have already undergone many different forms of intervention for their ADHD related challenges which is not only expensive but also frustrating when nothing seems to change.


The change they seek is often out of reach because most methods are top down approaches - meaning, they target the mind, not the body. The link between the mind and body is a two way street.


If the autonomic nervous system (soma, or body) is stressed then the information it sends to the mind about its environment can often be perceived as threatening, which in turn manifests as stress, overwhelm and/or brain fog. Even simple social cues from a colleague, loved one or parent may be misinterpreted as threatening.


Other manifestations of present-day soma-stress may include:

  • Defensiveness

  • Angry outbursts

  • A lack of emotional regulation

  • Underlying stress felt within the body

  • Anxiety challenges

  • Auditory sensitivities

  • Social disengagement

This service is a great way to support movement through major present-day transitions (such as starting school, starting a new job, going on vacation) and prepare for participation in ADHD Coaching. We must be regulated and organized in order to understand language/audio process, and engage with the world.


* Please note that this service is designed to be used in an adjunctive manner to coaching and/or various therapies.

** This program is facilitated by a specialist certified in trauma-informed-care and in the protocol itself, is c