Develop, deepen, and nurture your connection with life.

"Details matter. They create depth, and depth creates authenticity."

- Neil Blumenthal

We Look at the Bigger Picture

We give you our full attention.

Design your own session and create a deep sense of nourishment with this powerful multi-dimensional encounter to connect you back to your purpose and passion for life.

We are plugged into a faux matrix of technology, materialism, pride, and false identities. The fantasy is addictive, and regardless of the malnutrition, we continue to commit infidelity against our true, authentic self, chasing the mirage of our culture — a sick, dying, busy culture... And our body keeps score of this.

What are you on Earth for? Do you ask yourself that question? Do you set aside time to reflect on your life’s journey up to this point? Are you actively aspiring to a fresh and better outcome and ascending on a logical pathway to get there? – Or are you stuck in survival mode with pain, bitterness, resentment, abandonment, and discouragement?

We must learn to lean into our authenticity and empower our intuitive prowess. Once we can identify the feelings in our body to their emotional sources, we can hone into our intuition and authentic self. Our bodies hold inherent wisdom, but as mentioned earlier, the body keeps score – We must unlearn what we have absorbed through time. We must take time to listen to what our bodies tell us.

Together we work to gain introspective insight, improve your relationships, learn new communication techniques, embrace confidence, work towards your health goals, and overall happiness.


This service takes a modern approach to healing, combining ancient & modern techniques for a personalized experience. Knowing the patterns that drive your life allows you to make empowered choices as you move from self-abandonment, into a person who understands the control they have over the change they want to see in their life.



Our goal is to provide a safe space filled with profound questioning so that you can make the connections necessary to really get to know yourself. We support you in making choices that you are in alignment with along the way, so that you can develop, deepen, and nurture your connection with life. Learn how to feel confident about your decisions, and finally start acting like the goal-getter you are deep down.


Once you have awakened and aligned your soul, you will find wisdom and power where there once was confusion and pain.


We give you our full attention because we wish you depth and wellness, always.

Inquire into the diverse factors and domains that have influences on you. There are never any judgements about "where you are in life," the issues you may face, or for feeling how you do currently. We heal in safe relationships, and we are here to support you in all the ways that are true to you.​

Book this service, dig deep and grow.


Month-Long Program Plan Includes:

· 2 hours to "pause" and have a mindful, reflective and contemplative, deep discussion on who you really are, your truth, and how we (together) can nurture your connection with life by meeting you where you are today.

· Personalized, thought-provoking emails, with daily reflections, meditative, mindfulness-based, and parasympathetic-activating somatic activities.

· Connection to your intuition

· Empowerment, voice, and choice

· Being witnessed and celebrated for you, just as you are

 · A deeper sense of knowing how to care for yourself

Price: $200 (includes personalized emails and support for one month)

Duration: 2-hours​

Follow-Ups: $70 (session length, 55 minutes)

Continual Access to our Members-Only 'Alignment' Emails: $10