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You're not alone.


The number of adults being diagnosed with ADHD and Executive Function weaknesses that negatively affect their everyday performance is growing 4 times faster than the number of children currently being diagnosed with ADHD. The number of undiagnosed adults showing ADHD and Executive Dysfunction symptoms in and out of the workplace is also multiplying exponentially.

No two people are the same, therefore we can not expect all people to work the same. You have strengths and talents that are waiting to be discovered. Learn how to enhance the way your brain already works, instead of how to work against it.

ADHD and Executive Dysfunction symptoms are manageable. Don't let them get in the way of your happiness.

Allison of FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions is one of the only certified coaches specializing in adult ADHD coaching within the Rochester, NY, and Upstate area with education in Occupational Therapy Practitioning.

Your future is waiting. You are one step away from living a passionate life.

Adult ADHD Specialist Coach and  Wellness Ecosystem

Unlock your hidden potential and create the life of your dreams.


Our ADHD Coaching Helps With:

Organizational Skills

Time-Management Skills

Study Skills

Goal Perseverance and Grit




Social Skills

Whole Wellbeing

Focus and Sustained Attention

Meet Your Coach


Owner, ADHD Specialist Coach, Nutrition Counselor, Certified Polyvagal and Somatic Practitioner


ADHD Coaching is how FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions began.

We thank our clients and supporters for allowing us to continuously add more services, options, and specialists.



We will break through the pent-up barriers of shame and internalized ableism to allow your most empowered, powerful self to come through. In our one-on-one virtual ADHD coaching sessions, we will meet weekly, for 45 minutes with accountability between sessions via text, phone call, or email. In these sessions, we will discuss strategies to manage your life and challenges with ADHD.


  • Overcoming your inner critic and rejection sensitivity dysphoria

  • Planning & prioritizing

  • Putting plans into action, task initiation

  • Goal-directed persistence

  • Taking actions that align with your physical & emotional needs

  • Learning new strategies to manage executive functioning

  • Navigating neurodivergent relationships

  • Self-regulation & interoceptive-awareness

  • Emotional impulsivity

  • Communication strategies

  • Physical health and wellness

  • Any aspect of the "9 Areas of Wellness"



Your first ADHD Coaching Session will start with an in-take meeting - We discuss the intake form and you are asked to take performance measure assessments. Our aim is to reveal the core of your human-ness and develop an action plan with sustainable strategies of implementation. 

Before a person can be expected to manage their ADHD, they must understand it - This includes its bio-neurological nature and challenges. ADHD education is also part of our ADHD Coaching.


Hiring a good ADHD Coach may be the first step towards a better quality of life - It can help clients strategically address just about any life goal(s). This may include academic success, finding an enjoyable job, finding hidden opportunities, getting more organized, completing a big project, planning an event, build a working routine, make tough choices that are true to you, and more.


Our methods are trauma-informed, personalized, and supportive. We accommodate -  Often offering various methods of coaching, and extensive opportunities for applied, contextual practice if appropriate and possible.


Purchase your next few sessions up-front and receive all of your sessions at a reduced rate.

** All sales final.


$100 for 1-hour

(Your wellness is our priority. If you are currently experiencing financial instability at this time, will honor a sliding scale. Please inquire).

As part of the ADHD Coaching service, you will always have access to your coach between sessions (via text and email).

Cost/Session Reduction:

  • Refer your friend to the Safe and Sound Protocol you will both receive 50% off the entire program. To receive your discounts, please email us at before booking.

  • Pricing packages and subscriptions prices are reduced. They can be found on our booking page upon scheduling - You may also email, call, or text and ask to receive the price list. - Packages and subscriptions are not required, but they do help to further individualize, optimize, and measure your coaching action plan through concrete milestones.



Book your initial appointment (consultation optional).


You will receive a confirmation email that includes appointment information, Zoom link, and payment invoice (consultations are performed via phone, but you are welcome to request it be by Zoom).


Following the next couple days, you will receive a coaching agreement form and client intake form. Please fill this out and forward it back as soon as possible. This information helps us prepare for your upcoming session.


At the time of your appointment, go back to the initial confirmation email, click on the Zoom link within it, and you will be taken to a virtual "waiting room," for your appointment.

Payment Options and Information

Coaching is prepaid, meaning that each session must be paid before your session can be formally reserved. This goes for all services.

Coaching is an investment in your future, and many of my clients have reported an increase in their income throughout time. Insurance rarely covers coaching, although some flexible spending plans might. Coaching may qualify as either a medical or business deduction on your taxes — check with your accountant.

We accept most credit cards and PayPal via our Booking Form.

If you feel more comfortable booking via phone, we welcome your call at 585-210-0070

You may also book by email or text.

What Makes ADHD Services with FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions Different

Many of my clients have participated in various traditional forms of services, but never truly received the long-term results they had hoped for. Despite their high level of insight, they somehow still found themselves stuck in the same patterns. ADHD is not a mental illness. It is a developmental disability, and it should be supported as such.

Too many adults have been struggling for far too long before finally discovering they had undiagnosed ADHD. Oftentimes, women, AFAB, and POC are misdiagnosed with anxiety, depression, BPD, OCD, or bipolar disorder. Sometimes, it is actually a combination of multiple disorders, and sometimes the diagnosis was actually caused because of the untreated ADHD. Regardless, it is so often that ADHD is missed. If you do happen to be fortunate enough to receive a correct diagnosis, a correct diagnosis is just the beginning. It is common to be prescribed medication and referred to someone that doesn't truly understand the nature of ADHD, or worse - you're left to figure the rest out on your own. 


Let's get this straight, medication can help, and often, it provides clarity to the world of chaos that is the ADHD mind. But there's one factor that people tend to forget. ADHD medication works similar to a person who has just put on glasses for the very first time. The world may look clearer, but if they never learned how to read, they will not automatically know how to. For those with ADHD and executive function symptoms, it works very similarly. If left untreated until adulthood, this can cause a person many hardships, and it can often leave them feeling very misunderstood.

For most of our lives, we were trying to appear neurotypical. We masked, we overcompensated, and we rose through the constant burn-out to try and show that on the outside - we were okay. We were successful, we were thriving, we were getting by just fine... But inside, we were exhausted and we felt broken.

ADHD Coaching Can Help


I know exactly how important it is for you to feel validated, seen, heard, and understood. I know this because I too have been diagnosed with ADHD.


Drawing on my expertise, my coaching style aims to improve the overall person: Emotions, energy levels, physical health, environmental, social wellness, relationships, parenting, organization skills, coping strategies, work, and school life. We do this by cultivating change through a neurodivergent perspective. I have a comprehensive approach, emphasizing that each of my clients is an individual. I work with unique characteristics, not against them, and I highlight these differences - finding ways to use them to your advantage. Therefore behavior change is sustainable.

With my help, you can discover your own best choices and proceed with confidence.

Wishing you wellness,

Your coach, Allison.

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