Budget Friendly ADHD Hacks

Light Therapy Lamp.jpg

Light Therapy Lamp

Mood-boosting indoor sunshine for those who have trouble getting outside.


Essential Oil Diffuser

Though there are no significant evidence that essential oils help ADHD, there are few that may provide a calming effect to those who are feeling stressed.



If  you’re looking for an iron and nutrient boost that’s easier on your "ADHD taxed" bank account than kale, try substituting it for broccoli.

shower pad.jpg

Aqua Notes Shower Notepad

This is a water-proof notepad. An actual notepad. With pages! How cool is that? Use it to jot down tasks you need to remember or to keep up with the thousands of creative shower-thoughts you have.

keyless lock.PNG

Keyless Lock

Lose your keys? Never get locked out of the house again.