ADHD Coaching

Many of my clients have participated in various traditional forms of services, but never truly received the long-term results they had hoped for. Despite their high level of insight, they somehow still found themselves stuck in the same patterns. ADHD is not a mental illness. It is a developmental disability, and it should be supported as such.

Let's get this straight, medication can help, and often, it provides clarity to the world of chaos that is the ADHD mind. But there's one factor that people tend to forget. ADHD medication works similar to a person who has just put on glasses for the very first time. The world may look clearer, but if they never learned how to read, they will not automatically know how to. For those with ADHD and executive function symptoms, it works very similarly. If left untreated until adulthood, this can cause a person many hardships, and it can often leave them feeling very misunderstood.

Drawing on my expertise, I work with clients like you to develop a deeper understanding of the self, increase emotional intelligence and metacognition, increase task initiation, goal-directed persistence, and working memory, sustain focus, make lifestyle changes, learn new communication and executive function techniques, work on social skills and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. My coaching style aims to improve the overall person - emotions, energy, health, relationships, organization skills, coping strategies, work and school life, social skills, and more. I have a comprehensive approach: each of my clients is an individual and I work with what makes them unique, not with what makes them different - Therefore behavior change is sustainable.

With my help, you can discover your own best choices and proceed with confidence.

I can also work with professionals as a multidisciplinary team. Right now, I work closely with psychotherapist and shamen, Laury Naron. Please contact me if you would like for us to collaborate on your health goals, or if you would like me to work with any of your current medical providers.

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