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Youth & Graduate Academic Tutoring Mentorship

*For grades through Middle School - Graduate School.


Meet with your handpicked tutor on our new, Live Learning Platform, and get highly personalized, highly effective, delightfully convenient instruction from subject matter experts - who also specialize in ADHD, and disabilities across the spectrum.

From your Tutor, to the Approach -
Our Tutoring is Personalized 100% of the Time.


We start with an approach that prompts true, open-discussion. We want to discover where you/your loved one struggles, areas of strength, and what success looks like to you/the both of you.


We develop a dynamic, personalized learning plan.


We take the information gathered from our interviewing and assessment and match you with an ADHD specialist who specializes in the subject matter and area(s) you need support and tutoring on.

Experience convenience on multiple levels, as you benefit from world-class tutoring from a subject matter expert, without ever leaving the house. 

We have the perfect tutor in mind.

Matching you with the right expert starts with having only the best experts to choose from. See some of our subject matter experts below:

ADHD ADD Tutoring Rochester, NY Virtual


  • Mass Media Management

  • Humanities

  • Professional Ministry

  • Psychology

ADHD ADD Tutoring Rochester, NY Virtual English


  • Academic Manuscripts

  • English/Writing