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Why and How FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions Was Founded

We were proudly founded in Rochester, NY, and offer virtual sessions, worldwide. 

FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions was founded upon the confident belief that wellness and success are for everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, culture, race, sexuality, or gender. We believe that your story is important, and that it is a huge contributor to finding your power. You will never be a number penciled into a schedule and you will always receive the utmost presence and personal support you deserve.

When it comes to how we practice, we know that our unique gift is the ability to profoundly connect with others and create an environment where anyone can feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable. Our team's undivided attention, genuine care, and authenticity create a safe/brave space for clients to just BE during their journey - Working with neuro-divergent individuals is our passion and area of educational specialty. We offer you presence, compassionate support, and firm accountability, always.


Our education, training, and certifications have been strategically selected in order to facilitate a whole-person model and has equipped us with extensive, cutting-edge ADHD knowledge. We have been and continue to be taught by the most transformational professionals in their fields, and the utilization of our multi-specialist team allows for the most comprehensive experience that is currently available.


Through our work together, you will finally feel heard, declutter the mind, progress through your most sought after goals, and finally live the life you have always dreamed of having.

"Don’t ask yourself what the world needs;

ask yourself what makes you come alive.

And then go and do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

- Harold Whitman

Working with us is different.

Our company is deliberately run by humans, for humans, and it is our biggest goal to uphold a discreet, personable, and warm experience.

"Believe in your power to create change."

~ FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions

FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions Morals, Ethics, and Values. Inclusivity.
Floramente Holistic Solutions

Digging Deeper with FLORAMENTE:

How we relate to our bodies, to each other and the Earth seems to matter more now than ever before - Underneath it all, FLORAMENTE was built to relearn the intricate connections that exist beneath surface level thinking.

There is depth to the approach we take with our clients and our greatest aim is to foster the growth required for participating with life more consciously, and help guide them through the often confusing hardship of living in a world greatly influenced by separation and extreme individualism.

We provide you with tools to grow professionally, personally, purposefully, nutritionally, socially, and consciously.

We are aware of the interconnectedness which brings authenticity, creative genius, and wisdom, and we honor it. We believe that our wellness model would not truly be whole if we did not also aim to support your relationship with oneness - Whatever that means to you.

The most powerful tools are among this very Earth.

Our Mission:
To develop and support the lasting changes you wish to see.

Organizations that we Contribute to:

New York State Occupational Therapy Association
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"Believe in your power to create change."
- FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions

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