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FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions Logo, Virtual, ADHD Coaching and Whole Person Wellness Center, Founded in Rochester, NY

FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions, LLC

We were proudly founded in Rochester, NY and offer virtual wellness appointments worldwide.

FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions aims to be all-inclusive and supports the disabled community. We proudly offer wellness services for diverse and neuro-divergent populations. This includes ADHD Coaching.

ADHD is complex, and much of the world is not inclusive enough to effectively support its care. Our team consists of specialists who can communicate efficiently with your current health professionals due to their shared areas of expertise. We then coach you in a way that is highly individualistic and knowledgeable about your disability.


Whether you require nutrition coaching, fitness coaching, additional support with your Primary Care Physician, Dietitian, Epidemiologist, Mental Health Counselor, Occupational Therapist, other health discipline, or simply desire ADHD specific coaching to build upon your life skills - We got you.


FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions was founded upon the confident belief that wellness and success are for everyone, regardless of their religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sexuality, or gender. This is very important for us. To us, you are more than "a number," and certainly not just a "paycheck." We genuinely believe your story is important and we know that it is a huge contributor towards finding your power. All appointments are scheduled to include enough time to "wrap things up," peacefully, without interfering with the next one. We will never pencil you in and you will always receive the utmost presence and personal support you deserve. 

How we relate to our bodies, to each other and the Earth seems to matter more now than ever before. FLORAMENTE, is also unique because we are aware of the interconnectedness which brings authenticity, creativity, and wisdom, and we honor it. We make sure to provide a multitude of methods designed to help you participate with your intuition more consciously, and help guide you through the often confusing hardship of living in a disharmonic world greatly influenced by separation and extreme individualism.

FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions Morals, Ethics, and Values. Inclusivity.

We offer you expertise, presence, compassionate support, and firm accountability, always.

Through our work together, you will finally feel heard and become the person you have always wanted to be.

Proud Member Of:

New York State Occupational Therapy Association
American Occupational Therapy Association
GLMA: Health Prosessionals Advancing LGBTQ Equalitya
National End-of-life Doula Alliance, Psychopomp, Rochester, NY, FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions
Attention Deficit Disorder Association, FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions, Rochester, NY Award Winning ADHD Coaching Buisness

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