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Adult ADHD Coaching

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Experts that care.

Our organization delivers specialized, coordinated and improved client care through a multidisciplinary team approach which supports the whole person.

We provide a unique, collaborative environment which creates the most comprehensive assessments for each client's individuality and their situation, followed-up with a full-range plan of health initiatives and the education necessary to instill disease-prevention behaviors, the initiative of general care, and what we like to call: Wellness Interconnectedness.

Our qualified experts collaborate with each other and your current providers to create the best-in-quality, programs, and content that give you the results you're looking for.

Take the time, effort, and care to cultivate a healthy body, mind, and authentic sense of self.

Live a life of whole health.

ADHD Wellness Services

Our ADHD Services are provided by one of the only adult ADHD Coaches in Rochester, New York with academic education in Occupational Therapy Practitioning- The state licensed field of professionals that specialize in ADHD.

Create structure, grow strong in new skills, learn strategies to cope, and navigate life with ADHD alongside the support of a person who understands - And has been where you are.

Do you have a dream? Let's finally make it happen for you. You deserve it.

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition requires a whole-life-approach: When and where you eat, where your food comes from, and what your food ate - But we take it deeper.


Keep all your care connected - Have you ever signed up with a health coach and wondered if your doctor should know what is going on? FLORAMENTE's integrative care-team design makes sure that your physicians are on our same page. With your approval, our wellness practitioners work tirelessly to inform your other health providers, and collaborate with them to help you achieve all of your emotional and physical wellness goals.


Our certified health coaches are multi-specialist professionals. Collaboration amongst each other is another key aspect to your success. We work together to make sure that you're receiving support that is multi-faceted and hits-the-mark.

The Bodyfulness Perspective

We are happy to announce that we are an official certified Safe and Sound Protocol provider! - A program developed by neuroscientist and Polyvagal Theory founder, Dr. Stephen Porges.

The program has been studied for over 20 years and has been clinically proven to regulate one's emotions at a cellular level, enhance social skills, distress induced by eye-contact, auditory processing, and regulate hypersensitivities. The studies keep growing regarding its other potential benefits.

For us to execute efficiently, we need both the depth of our inner world and physical wellness -

And we need effective ways of enacting our vision into the real world to thrive and have a positive impact.

Embrace your mind, body, and spirit as seamless and whole as it is.
Live fully and get results: you don’t have to choose.

Discover your own Best Choices and Proceed with Confidence

We are the bridge of opportunity to approach your wellness, your way.


We're here to support you during every step. Our diversity-inclusive services include collaboration with your current health providers and between session support* via email, call, and text - So you don't have to go through any of it alone.

Believe in your power to create change.


Meet Your Team



Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Allison is a student-intern Occupational Therapy practitioner, ADHD coach, and certified health coach from the #1 nutrition school in the world. She has a passion for the practice of neuro-somatic and Polyvagal methodologies and offers this mind-body connection work as a service in addition to ADHD coaching.

Brenda is a professionally registered nutritionist-dietician with 5 years of experience providing nutritional therapy, dietary education, and health coaching. As a Diabetes educator, and Nutrition Fertility Adviser, Brenda is an expert in supporting women to reach their optimal health. She aims to help clients in developing a healthier relationship with food. Brenda offers coaching in English and Spanish.

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