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Finally, individualized ADHD support.

* Human to human support.

Together, let's move towards your best-self.

Where do I start?

During initial appointments, we use an assessment protocol to identify “top of mind priorities”. Many times, those include and entail maximizing one's quality of life and laying down a foundation for the best results. Our hope is to encourage growth, optimize efficiency, and to uncover and share new discoveries with you.

True ADHD/ADD & ASD Experts Helping You Live a Happy, Independent Life.

Our talented team of ADHD and ASD specialists support our clients towards happiness, confidence, success, and the development of vital life-skills by using evidence-based, hands-on skill development and strategic modalities. This properly includes informing our clients on how their neurotypical brain works, the cognitive science behind it, how to efficiently create individualized systems to achieve personally set life-goals, the development of executive function skills, habit formation and re-patterning, sneaky tools and tricks for responsible organization, modalities to dispel rejection sensitivity dysphoria and hypersensitivities, career/employee/professional skills development, truly personalized nutrition support (and practical plans), genetic-testing, increased emotional intelligence, somatic regulation and movement, and a truly personalized experience that can only be found with our multidisciplinary team of specialists. 

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Progress Tracking + On-Demand Programs.

Receive ongoing support outside of sessions. Our mobile app provides complimentary-care chatroom access, tools to track your progress and daily programs geared to build a better relationship with ADHD.

Design your Plan and Create Real Progress.

Every day we work with our clients to design their dream life and increase the skills necessary to plan, execute, and progress forward. We aim to focus on concrete and measurable milestones, so that we are always making progress and hitting-the-mark.

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the FLORAMENTE Difference:

We help you win the day, every day.

We employ various evidence-based approaches to every session - Including a gamut of wide-ranging activities designed to challenge the progression of sustainable strategies and executive functioning skills, provide firm accountability, and support between private sessions.

Our talented team consists of multi-Master's degree-holding professionals who specialize in ADHD/ADD and ASD. Each specialist embraces their own area of recognized expertise and a different coaching experience. You will be carefully matched based on what you are seeking to achieve, notable personality, specialist methodologies, and parallel availability.

Due to our collaborative, whole-person perspective, your life won't only 'look' manageable, it will also feel more manageable - Inside and out.



Our innovative approach is interactive, and studies consistently demonstrate that virtual, at-home models lead to undeniably more substantial skill development, retention, and cross-over to authentic life, compared to the same interventions, when performed in-office.


We properly utilize our carefully selected education in ADHD/ADD, ASD and disabilities across the spectrum to build a powerful vision map, gently break down stealthy steps to get there, define functionally appropriate structure, intentionally hold you accountable, and properly keep you on elevated track by utilizing our neuro-divergent lens, while measuring progress on a consistent basis - So that you can win the day, every possible day.

One of the profound secrets to our coaching is in fostering personal relationships -

We care about you accomplishing your lifelong goals as much as you do.

If you’re having a medical or mental health emergency:

Call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255; or go to your local ER.

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