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Unlock your hidden potential and create the life of your dreams.

You're not alone.


The number of adults being diagnosed with ADHD and Executive Functioning weaknesses that negatively affect their everyday performance is growing 4 times faster than the number of children currently being diagnosed with ADHD. The number of undiagnosed adults showing ADHD and Executive Functioning symptoms in and out of the workplace is also multiplying exponentially.

No two people are the same, therefore we can not expect all people to work the same. You have strengths and talents that are waiting to be discovered. Learn how to enhance the way your brain already works, instead of how to work against it.

ADHD and Executive Function symptoms are manageable. Don't let them get in the way of your happiness.

Allison of FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions is one of the only Certified Coaches specializing in ADHD within the Rochester, NY, and Upstate area with education in Occupational Therapy Practitioning.

Your future is waiting. You are one step away from living a passionate life.

The Best Productivity Coach, Rochester, NY

Specializations Include:

Body-Mind Connection

• Life Management Coaching

• Executive Function Techniques

• Social Skills

• Generating Self-Worth

• Problem Solving

• Task Initiation

• Goal-Directed Persistence

• Habit Coaching

• Response Inhibition

• Confidence

• Assertiveness

• Productivity

• Nutrition

• Bio-Individuality

• Whole-Person, Mind, Body, Soul Wellness Coach

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