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ADHD Support System
Founded in January 2021, FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions was one of the very first support systems specifically designed and developed to fill the missing support gap for navigating the complexities of ADHD, Autism, and Auditory Processing Disorder. 

Our approach is holistic, and tailored to the individual - ensuring that each journey engages their client in ways that increase the transfer of new skill development into real life scenarios and situations.

We pride ourselves on being the last place individuals and families come to for natural approaches, community and resource connection for empathetic ADHD/ADD and ASD management.
Here, we embrace natural alternatives and nurturing environments to foster growth and understanding - empowering you every step of the way.

Elevating Your Journey Towards Sustainable Success

At the core of our mission is the commitment to fundamentally transforming the trajectory of sustainable strategies and enhancing executive functioning skills. By offering our clients accountability and continuous support beyond private sessions, we aim not only to make life more manageable but also to infuse it with joy.

Parenting Support

Stop taking the skills and expertise you already have for granted:

Work with your brain, not against it.

Let's get into a healthy relationship:

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If you’re having a medical or mental health emergency:

Call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255; or go to your local ER.

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